Jeep’s New Brand Strategy for Asian Market


Is your company interested in expanding to the Asian market? This article discusses how jeep is setting up their brand strategy with a specific eye on the Asian market.

Jeep’s Asian strategy

Jeep is planning to enter the Asian market with a fresh new perspective. In an interview, one of the company’s officials said that they are looking to focus on places like Thailand and Cambodia where car ownership is increasing rapidly in recent years. He also mentioned that their strategy for Asia will be different from their strategy for North American markets because Asian culture is more diverse.

What does the plan entail?

Jeep is looking to improve its performance in the Asian market. With that being said, the company has devised a plan to get back on track. Jeep will be focusing on entering more China and Japan markets but it also wants to focus of the Indian market too. The new brand strategy will most likely include the following: Jeep is now taking the appropriate steps to enhance the market’s perception of Jeep in the Asian region. The company has recently released a new plan for their brand strategy in Asia which involves developing local model lines, implementing enhanced transparency and communication, and actively creating a positive product image. Jeep’s Chinese market strategy will be filed in 2020. The brand strategy is set to focus on autonomous driving, a growing trend among Chinese consumers, in order to improve safety and reduce traffic congestion.


What is the company doing?

Jeep has many products offered in different markets around the world and it has not been doing well in the Asian market. The company wants to change that by creating a new brand image for the Asian market which will be more personal, diverse, and dynamic in nature.

Why should consumers care about jeep in Asia?

The new jeep brand strategy is designed to attract the growing millennial population of Asia. It focuses on only five key points, which are youth and fun, innovation, style, capability and connectivity. jeep has announced a new brand strategy for the Asian market, going beyond just selling cars. They’ve partnered with Alibaba to create a cloud platform to be used in their Connected Car Program. This program will help consumers avoid traffic jams and get from point A to B more efficiently and conveniently. Behind this is a grand marketing push that includes digitization of the brand image as well as content integration with Alibaba’s platforms, like Taobao and Tmall. Jeep’s new strategy in Asia will focus on improving the quality of their product and fostering customer relationships. Jeep also plans to pursue more partnerships with local car companies, factories, and dealerships. This strategy is designed to give Jeep more value in the Asian market while still maintaining their brand’s identity.

Who is leading this market in Asia

The Asia-Pacific region is expected to be one of the best markets in the future. With the changing dynamics of this market, it’s been thought that Jeep should make changes. Instead of trying to target a broad market, they are actually targeting a specific market with their brand strategy, which is young and affluent consumers.