Recycling Cars is a better trend!

Cars can be recycled, but the more often used term for this process is “reuse,” which means taking used cars and turning them into something else. This practice is a little better because it recycles cars unlike what happens in gas stations–we don’t just dump our old vehicles on the ground. We don’t even need to buy new cars, because being environmentally friendly and buying used cars is a growing trend.

Automobile recycling is quickly becoming the new norm for the newer generations of best. Plenty of people have a negative perception surrounding the car because of all the dangerous chemicals that can be found in paint and fossils used to make paints. However, cars are now being deconstructed so specific materials can be recycled.

The owner of a car realizes that their old car is finally on its last legs. The engine is worn and the engine needs to be replaced in order to prevent other parts from failing. All of these problems come together, costing thousands of dollars if not more. If people recycled their cars, they could save a lot money and keep their vehicle running smoothly for longer than it could with new cars being built.

The average individual throws out 24.5 pounds of trash per year, which makes significant amounts of energy to be created and improved. By recycling cars, there are fewer pollutants that affect our environment. Depending on the size of a car, 40 per cent of its weight is composed of recycled glass, up to 10 per cent plastics, and 14 per cent steel.

Since the 1970s, world leaders have begun recycling cars. However, the process was not until 1977 when France banned new cars altogether. A study conducted in 2011 found that 8% of all cars are currently recycled and renewable energy will be a key to sustainable design by 2030. With higher costs to manufacture cars, retrofitting old models with recyclable innovations has been on the rise with sales increasing by 45%.

Recycling Cars was a trending topic in 2018. Corporations like VolksWagen and Subaru made public their plans of contributing to environmental protection by using recycled cars. With more high-profile companies using recycled cars, it is becoming more and more difficult to find a car that is not reused.

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