Faraday Future Amazingly Still Active

Faraday Future, a former $1 billion startup that put automotive manufacturing on the map, has decided to remain active more than two years after its CEO left. The startup is preparing to take on important deals such as partnerships with manufacturers and testing cars in Europe and Asia. They are also funding resources for their self-driving car software engineers. With 4 acquisitions in the past 8 months, it seems Faraday Future is coming back from their failed experiment with batteries.

Despite what many would have you believe, Faraday Future is still alive and well, continuing to release green cars.

Faraday Future hasn’t been making many headlines of late. But it remains an active business entity, surprisingly enough. On Thursday, it announced it had selected Velodyne Lidar Inc. as the exclusive supplier for the sensing/mapping hardware that’s going into its flagship FF91 EV. Faraday’s missteps have been so frequent and gargantuan, that it would be impossible

The companies still have time to produce their planned cars. Just this past month, Faraday Future has made some new promises for the future. These include a smaller car that can be moved from one place to another without being attached to the truck and fully autonomous cars in all modes of transportation.

Although Faraday Future, the company behind the Autonomy super car and FF 91 electric sports car is no longer active, the future still looks bright because in 2016 they unveiled their next generation of autonomous driving.

Furthering their mystique, Faraday Future held a major launch event on December 4th. The company is currently suing their former lead development advisor over said advisor giving verbal feedback about the company’s Nanotech Wing and intending to take over the communications department of Faraday Future.Steven Tibbets, the former CTO of the carmaker, warns that more lawsuits are to come from inside and outside sources as they plunge into a “death spiral”.

On October 6, 2014, Faraday Future held a press conference to show off the FF91 and what they called “the world’s fastest production electric vehicle.” The company, which had been active for about a year, made claims at the event that indicated that all facilities would be finished by the end of 2015. Even though this date was sometimes met with skepticism from Tesla analysts, Faraday Future remains active as of today.