Report: Kia Won’t Make GT Until 2017

Fresh after news Thursday that Hyundai wouldn’t be making a new sportscar and Kia would be, the latter Korean automaker said it has put on hold its plans to make a four-door coupe until 2017, AutoExpress is reporting.
The first sportscar from the Kia brand would likely be on the Genesis platform and could offer a range of engines all the way up to a V-8.
The GT4 is still a half-decade away, apparently.

The Kia GT, dubbed “baby Panamera” by some, was slated to arrive next year, but plans for that have been scrapped, AutoExpress reported.
“We have very high intentions to put these models into production — we’re working on it,” Spencer Cho, Kia’s general manager of overseas marketing, told the publication.
Report: Kia Won’t Make GT Until 2017
Any reports of the GT4 should met with healthy skepticism, the B&B pointed out yesterday. Engineering for that car may not have started — that only takes 3 to 4 years — and the business case sounds shaky.
Nonetheless, it looks like the GT may actually see the light of day, albeit a year later than we thought.
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