Nissan GT-R LM is Officially on Life Support

After Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn said they would have to reassess whether their GT-R LM program was fruitful, the company announced Friday it was pulling the car out of competition.
“We know people will be disappointed, but be assured that nobody is more disappointed than us,” said Shoichi Miyatani, president of NISMO.
The car had struggled in competition this year with one car finishing at Le Mans well behind the leaders, one disqualification and one DNF at the famed race in France. 
Nissan said the car’s complex Energy Recovery System was to blame for the poor results. Although the car developed around 1,250 horsepower — nearly half from the electric motors in the rear wheels — most of it never materialized. Nissan said the system was disabled on all three cars at LeMans and the lone finisher limped to the end of the race.
Nissan said testing the car — which is widely expected to share some of its powertrain with the next-generation GT-R — will continue in the United States.
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