Nissan, Enterprise Want to Get ‘Em Hooked on Versa Young

Nissan and Enterprise CarShare announced Tuesday a plan to equip 90 colleges and universities in the United States exclusively with Nissan cars for students to move, haul, travel (and barf in the backseat) for $5 an hour until Dec. 31.
Presumably, the college experience includes familiarity with the Versa Note’s hand-crank windows and will ultimately feed into Nissan’s College Grad sales program.
(I’d like to say the whole thing will be wildly ineffectual, but while typing away on my Mac this morning the first basis for reference I could think of was my elementary school’s beige Apple crapboxes in the 1980s. On that basis: It’ll work, Nissan.) 

Enterprise offers their cars on 90 campuses around the country for drivers who are 18 years old and older (18- to 21-year-old drivers need to get a parental consent form). Enterprise CarShare is also offered in several major metropolitan centers including Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.
Fees for the service vary depending on usage. The most basic plan includes a $40 annual membership charge and hourly fees from $3 to $9 depending on location.
Competing service ZipCar says they have more than 100 universities signed up for their car sharing service.
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