Lexus Makes a Point About Distracted Driving

Last week, Lexus launched a viral marketing campaign — that also makes for an excellent public service announcement — about how stupid it is to check your phone while driving. But it has only just started getting the kind of attention it deserves, now that some of the contentious regulatory news has subsided.

Lexus has announced that they will be putting an end to their car advertisements that show drivers using their hands-free devices while driving. They are beginning the advertising campaign with a new commercial called “Dignity.” The purpose of the commercial is to remind drivers that their life cannot wait for the next text, call, or email.

The Lexus division of Toyota has stated that they will be adding a car to their line-up that has an automatic parking system. Lexus believes that most accidents happen because the driver is distracted. They developed an app called “Autonomous Driving Assistant” which will detect when the driver becomes distracted and help them stay focused on the road.

Lexus wants to make a point about distracted driving in an era when the phone-in-hand, head-down is practically a new norm for driving. Lexus has created a campaign called “Lexus Eyes Ahead.” The campaign features a conversation between two characters, one who is texting and the other who is paying attention to his surroundings.

The Lexus brand is promoting a point about distracted driving with a new commercial called “Two Wheels.” The commercial features a father, who is riding his son on his bike, when the son falls and breaks his arm. Unaware of the accident, the dad continues riding to get help for his son. When he returns, he sees that his son has been rescued from the side of the road and apologizes for what happened.

The Lexus GS F has a new feature that keeps the driver’s eyes on the road at all times. The Lane Change Assist uses advanced sensors and cameras to alert drivers when they are drifting out of their lane without signalling. If a driver doesn’t react to the warning, the vehicle will gently nudge them back into their lane.