2022 Hyundai Kona N Unwrapped

Hyundai rolled out the 2022 Kona N yesterday at its N Day, a digital showcase for the N brand. The latest N brand inclusion, Hyundai’s N and N Line will grow to 18 models through 2022. Hyundai expresses its ambition for the brand with the tagline ‘Never just drive’. The Kona N has a 2.0 liter, Hyundai renamed one of their SUVs in Kona N, the flagship SUV for Hyundai dealerships. The new version has improved interior and exterior design tools.

Hyundai Kona N is looking larger than life. The SUV boasts sleek and angular lines mixed with a comfortable interior that’s wrapped up in two toned chrome finishing around the doors, wheels, headlights and grille. Kona N is powered by an all new 2.0-liter turbo engine by the people of HCS making 366 horsepower and 376 pound feet of torque to sink their feet into whatever they might want.

Hyundai introduced its next model of the SUV, the Kona N. This sporty new SUV has a sleek exterior with dark accents and red-tinted LED headlights. Its large panoramic windshield wraps around the driver and passengers to give them a wide range of visibility. For those who don’t like to see in front of them, this car is equipped with three rear parking sensors to help you park better and avoid backing into something or someone.

Hyundai has chosen to launch the Kona N SUV in 2022, with an intended range of 83 miles. With a Powertrain lineup consisting of two efficient power plants, the Hyundai Kona N is equipped with 124 kW. All-wheel drive and Clean Turbo technology are some key features that look set to make the Hyundai Kona N SUV popular.

Hyundai Kona N is a stunning vehicle that’s as cool conceptually as it is on-road. The design is bold, futuristic, and sleek in a way you wouldn’t expect to find today. It’s hard not to ooh-and-ahh when looking at the lines of the Hyundai Kona N, which has an intriguing appearance that harmoniously combines ultra-modern lines with some cues from the past.

The Hyundai Kona N is a front-wheel drive SUV that’s powered by four 171hp diesel engines. Its lightweight shell saves mpg and improves performance on the open road and in the city. The Kona N includes five-star ANCAP crash performance as well as both LEV II and AFE 40+ EPA/CFR emissions credits, so you can help create more clean air while driving.