For(u)m Follows Function – TTAC Gets A New Discussion Area

For a while, TTAC has had a forum hidden in the depths of its technical innards that’s gone almost wholly unused. Most of this had to do with the forum itself, while being a part of TTAC, requiring a different user login that was entirely separate from your WordPress commenter login.
Well, we fixed that, and some other stuff. This is TTAC Forum 2.0.

If you click the link above — or the Forum link in the main menu — you will notice you’re taken directly into the forum and you’ll already be logged in. There’s no need for an additional user login anymore.Also, you will hopefully notice the new solution looks a hell of a lot better than the old one. We are relying on a more common software package for the forum this time around, so those of you who are members on forums elsewhere will likely find the UI very familiar.
There’s likely still a few kinks we need to work out. For instance, you will need to upload your avatar manually for now if you want it to match your WordPress login. However, we hope to make it a pretty seamless experience between commenting on an article and moving to a forum thread.
Please give our new toy a whirl. If you find any bugs, feel free to post them in this article’s comment thread for now. I will work on adding another section in the forum to report issues for the forum itself.
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