Formula E as an Olympic Sport? Probably Not

Topped only by FIFA, the two next-least trustworthy international sports associations have joined forces today to speculate that we could see Formula E cars race through Tokyo streets for the glory of games and country in 2020, according to F1Insider (via Road & Track).
The original report, which was written in German, says FIA executives pitched the idea to Olympic organizers and offered the Formula E cars for competition.
Canadian driver Jacques Villeneuve said he would “definitely” participate and added that 30 years ago tennis wasn’t part of the Olympic program, but now it’s a staple.
But that’s not even the best part.

In the story, organizers speculate on a possible procedure for the event. Three drivers from each country would be nominated for competition: i.e. Nico Rosberg, Sebastian Vettel and Nico Hulkenberg from Germany; Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Will Stevens for the U.K.; Felipe Massa, Felipe Nasr and probably someone named Piquet from Brazil.
(America would presumably hold open tryouts in non-consecutive weekends until our losing team could be selected.)
Anyway, that is a fun game.
It wouldn’t be the first time motorsport would be at the Olympics. In 1900, motorsports were a demonstration game in the Paris Olympics, alongside ballooning, lawn bowling and possibly cannon firing.
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