Falling Light Poles Have Bay Area People Pissed

Decades of (hopefully) dog urine have sped corrosion at the base of Bay Area light poles and four posts have fallen over in a pee-soaked heap, KTVU is reporting (via Boing Boing). No injuries have been reported due to the terrible tinkle tumbles.
City officials have replaced 160 poles on several streets due to corrosion on the aging poles. One collapsed pole Monday damaged a car.
The massive eroding power of urine, and probably thinner metal — which doesn’t have the alliterative power of pee-pee poles plunging — are to blame.

The falling poles are only part of the problem. San Francisco officials are combatting public urination with hydrophobic paint on favorite public peeing stations.
Reminder: We live in a civilized society, people. Pee on the cast-iron hydrants.
(Photo courtesy KTVU)
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