Drivers Hogging Electric Spaces in Illinois May Get Ticketed

An Illinois bill that would make it illegal to park a gasoline-powered car in an electric car charging spot is awaiting the governor’s signature, Green Car Reports writes.
The practice, also called ICE-ing, would net a $75-$100 ticket for the offending car owner in Illinois.
The electric vehicle charging spot would need to be clearly marked, the bill states. The bill would also make it legal to tow a car from an electric vehicle parking spot, whether in a public place or private garage.

According to the bill’s sponsor, Illinois State Rep. Robyn Gabel, a constituent called her to complain about the practice and that’s what prompted the statewide measure. (Find your state legislator here.)
Several municipalities have already outlawed the practice and there’s a Facebook group dedicated to sharing pictures of reported “ICE-holes.”
In 2012, a Fox News story asked aloud if the parking stations were a perk or privilege and quoted a driver in St. Paul, Minnesota, who said electric vehicle owners could be incapacitated because of the car they’ve purchased.
“This makes me think drivers of electric cars must be a little disabled,” one customer who didn’t want to give his name to “They are usually health freaks, so I wonder why they don’t mind walking a half-mile back to a charging station.”
(Photo courtesy ICEHoles – Internal Combustion Vehicle Shaming via Facebook)
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