Chart Of The Day: GM’s Pickup Truck Market Share Soars In July

General Motors reported 86,051 U.S. pickup truck sales in July 2015, the highest figure for a seventh month of the year since 2006, GM says.
It does not appear as though the advent of new midsize GM trucks – Colorado and Canyon – have had any measurably negative impact on their full-size siblings. Combined, the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra outsold the class-leading Ford F-Series by 9,900 copies in July. They lead the F-Series by more than 29,000 units heading into August.
The GM full-size duo hasn’t outsold the F-Series on a calendar year basis since 2009.
GM’s four truck nameplates owned 39 percent of the overall American truck market in July 2015, up nearly eight points compared with July of last year. Through the first seven months of 2015, GM’s total share of the truck market has risen from 31 percent in 2014 to 37 percent in 2015, nearly seven points greater than Ford’s share of the category.
F-Series sales did, however, improve in July, rising 5 percent to 66,288 units, the first increase for the F-Series since January.
Ram pickup truck sales growth has stalled over the last two months, rising just 1 percent over the course of June and July. Tacoma sales made up 62 percent of the truck sales at Toyota last month, sales of which jumped 29 percent to 17,033 units, 55 percent of the small/midsize pickup category’s volume.
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