Ford to Build Standalone Bronco Stores

If you have Bronco on the brain, you may find yourself buying one from a store that stands separate from your local Ford dealer. A report in Automotive News says that some dealers plan to open standalone Bronco stores. The story further reports that the idea came from dealers, not the manufacturer.

Ford intends to build a limited number of stores that are stand-alone and not attached to other Ford dealerships. The Bronco will be sold at these stores. With the Bronco nameplate’s debut in 1966, the company had hoped to announce its return with a new model at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show but abandoned those plans in order to focus on an SUV instead.

Ford announced that it will be opening standalone Bronco Stores to sell their latest NASCAR inspired pickup truck, the 2020 Ford Bronco. The company hopes this will allow them to increase their sales.

Ford is planning to build standalone Bronco stores in the United States that will feature the first-ever factory-built Bronco. The stores will also have a full-service Ford dealership. This is a significant move considering that the automaker has only sold off its stake in the SUV brand to focus on SUVs and commercial vehicles more recently.

Ford wants to revive the Bronco with these stores. They will be selling Ford-branded apparel and collectables. The first store should open in November of this year.

Ford has decided to stop production on the Ford Bronco and release it in a limited run as a special edition vehicle. However, this is not the only change that can be seen with the Bronco. Ford has also announced plans to build standalone Bronco stores, where customers can purchase and learn more about the automobile.

Ford plans to build standalone Bronco stores that will only sell vehicles related to the iconic vehicle. The stores which are expected to open in 2019 will only sell Ford products and not other brands, such as Toyota and Honda. There is also a plan for these stores to offer onsite service and parts sales as well.