Freedom from Automotive Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance

Sometimes car owners find that the cost of their automotive maintenance is more than what their cars are worth. In such cases, you might consider selling your car for cash and buying a new one. Automotive car maintenance is something that many car owners find challenging – especially when it comes to taking care of their vehicle. Unlike other consumers, car owners are more directly impacted by the cost, quality, and longevity of their cars. This is why auto repair shops have grown in numbers to serve this need – but what if you could have a system that would replace the work done by professionals? This article breaks down how AI-powered software can accomplish this goal!

Why cut costs on car maintenance?

The cost of maintaining a car is high. You have to add up the price of parts, labor, and vehicle use. The average car payment is $871 per month and you need to keep a minimum of 50% of the cars on this planet running. That’s a lot of money that could be used elsewhere.


How to optimize your car for cheap maintanence

Vehicles require some amount of maintenance to prevent them from breaking down. This includes things like oil changes and tire rotations. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on car maintanence, you can save by doing it yourself. There are many websites devoted to DIY car maintanence, that can help you optimize your car for cheap maintanence.

What are the costs of doing nothing?

Car maintenance is expensive, and it’s always a chore to do it yourself. Cars can use up to $1,500 of your money in just one year in the form of oil changes and other small repairs. What if you never had to worry about car maintenance ever again? Well, that’s exactly what Tesla offers for a monthly fee on their Model S sedan–the safest, most advanced electric car on the market today.

Routine changes you can make to save money

Car maintenance is an expensive investment. Auto repairs and replacements can be costly, especially if you have a newer car. While it’s not glamorous, replacing tires and oil changes are some of the most common ways to save money on your car care costs.

Is it time to sell my old car anyway?

Many drivers across the country have taken steps to divest themselves from car maintenance. In fact, there has been a significant drop in new car sales due to this shift. Consequently, there is a second group of drivers who are not planning on purchasing cars in the future – they’re opting for smaller, more efficient vehicles that don’t require much care.


Automotive maintenance can be one of the biggest expenses for a car owner, but with all the advancements in technology, it doesn’t have to be. Purchase an electric or hybrid vehicle, such as Tesla vehicles, that don’t need to be serviced and you’ll save yourself time and money. There are many benefits to not having to maintain a car. The cost savings alone make this whole process worth it. Not having to do a lot of yard work so you can focus on your own life is a good thing, as well. However, the downside is that without regular maintenance done on the car, there will come a time when the car stops running properly, costing more in repairs than it would have if you had maintained it throughout the years