Safety or Price?

One of the biggest potentials in glazing automotive industries is the use of polycarbonate replacing the basic glass windshields down to mug wheels. Polycarbonate plastics are quite tough and versatile with huge areas of application.
Polycarbonate or Polyethylene products is a very clear polymer with exceptionally high resistance to collision and shatter-proof thus when used in cars giving you extra safety when event arises. Due to its light weight characteristics compared to glass and other materials it can improved your car’s acceleration. Also redefined and lower your car’s centre of gravity thus giving you much better handling capability.
Because of its versatile characteristics it can be easily shaped, giving you broader designs and in mass production without giving the manufacturer’s problem on cracking or splitting. The forming of the polycarbonate is quite similar to ordinary plastic making where polycarbonate resins are heated in the injection moulding injected to a preformed mould or clamp, cold and then the finished product.
One of the problems facing the growth of polycarbonate in automotive industries is the poor resistance to scratch, but polycarbonate manufacturers have overcome this issue by making it multilayered. In this sense, costing in manufacturing also layered up. But who would exchange safety for the price?
One of the breakthroughs in polycarbonate industry is combining it with alloying materials thus producing this magnificent and must have piece of art as shown in the picture. Polycarbonate alloyed wheels….. Coz looks always does matter…….